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Top Pay for Powerpoint Presentations Guide!

Top Pay for Powerpoint Presentations Guide! Given that it forms the base of the whole presentation, you want to research widely and be sure that you've enough supporting ideas. If you don't have a clue where to begin, or simply require some inspiration, the sources below can provide some excellent insight to you. Make certain your information design is easy and clean so the audience doesn't devote the full time attempting to decipher what your X axis says. It's a well-established program with a heap of helpful capabilities. The History of Pay for Powerpoint Presentations Refuted While the essay is the conventional assignment featured in most college classrooms, it's far from the only kind of assignment a student will get during their academic career. Building a public, corporate identity by means of a presentation is an immense job, therefore it's most effective to do it right the very first moment. Expert advice Another advantage which comes with the choice to pay for Power Point presentation writing services is the simple fact that you're assured of expert advice. Writing a wonderful presentation demands much investment when it comes to time, research, and the ideal skills. A specialist presentation maker will direct you through the procedure and make things clearer and simpler at any stage. Repeat the vital points with the last slide and the audience is going to have a thorough comprehension of your work. A comprehensive overhaul of a presentation requires far more time and energy. After the opening show, motivate individuals to concentrate closely by announcing there is going to be a second game show at the conclusion of the presentation. The Argument About Pay for Powerpoint Presentations While it's possible to read guidelines online and sit down to compose your presentation, you might want to devote much time to create a normal PowerPoint. Plagiarism-free work developing a successful PowerPoint presentation demands a careful concentrate on the uniqueness of the job. Start building a library of images that you will be using in every one of your presentations. Our PowerPoint presentation writing service will allow you to prepare the best and accurate work. At the start of your work, it's always valuable to produce a PowerPoint presentation outline. Second, the section highlights how you are able to get PowerPoint presentation writing help online. While buying a ppt from professional PowerPoint presentation writing services such as us, you might also be confident in the grade of the outcome. If you're searching for a reliable PowerPoint presentation support, we're all set to aid you. With the growth of modern technologies, you will find custom PowerPoint presentation online, but it doesn't indicate that its quality will be adequate. You can also purchase ppt presentations on company and management too. When you feel as though you are just too stressed to finish your assignments in time, or don't have the correct understanding of PowerPoint to finish your project, our professional presentation writing service is always available. Following are a few of the advised sociology essay topic for those students that are unable to decide on a great topic for their assignment. During the duration of your college studies, you may need to provide a presentation. You probably wondered more than once how to make a fantastic presenta tion since it is among the most usual assignments given to students. Some excellent designers can make you quite professional presentations in a couple of hours, but based on the presentation complexity some presentations can be quite expensive if there are lots of chapters and content to present. To make a great presentation you should have an interesting subject issue. You should know that each presentation you purchase from us is prepared specially for you, because of your instructions and individual suggestions. Therefore, should you need a terrific presentation, at this point you know that we can assist you with that with ease. Definitions of Pay for Powerpoint Presentations Make sure you are selecting fonts that are professional and contemporary! If you presently have the content ready for the designer, then that'll be much appreciated by him and will help to maintain costs at the minimum. You'll observe it has never been simpler to get help online. Anyway, there are various on-line frauds who just want to cheat on you by selling present ations of poor quality that aren't original in any respect.

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Renewable Energy Hydropower And Solar Power Essay

1. What does the term â€Å"renewable† mean? The term renewable in relation to energy refers to a natural power source which can be replenished on a human time scale. For example, coal and oil may both be replenished but cannot be considered renewable sources as the process is not easily replicated artificially and therefore takes millions of years to replace what has been extracted from the earth. The use of sunlight, tides, waves, wind, geothermal heat and biomass are examples of natural power that are considered renewable sources. 2. Which two renewable energy forms did you choose? I have chosen to discuss two prominent and well known forms of renewable energy in Australia are hydropower and solar power. Hydropower Hydropower or hydroelectricity is one of the more mature forms of renewable energy technology and can be found in some form in over 160 counties (Hydro Energy, 2016). Power is generated when the kinetic energy of flowing water from sources such dams, rivers or waterfalls is directed through water turbines which in turn create electrical energy. There are over 120 hydropower stations though out Australia generating 8% of total energy generation (Hydropower, 2016). Solar power In Australia is not uncommon for homeowners to install solar panels on their roof tops which have the potential to supply surplus energy back into the grid and subsidise the homeowners electrical costs. In some cases the entire energy bill maybe completely offset by the amountShow MoreRelatedThe Implementation Of Green Energy Essay1270 Words   |  6 Pagesimplementation of green energy is new and has taken the business world by storm over the recent years, showing strides of change towards a more sustainable economy. As of September 22nd 150+ companies in the United States have joined the campaign that is committed to take climate actions. Goldman Sachs, Johnson Johnson, NIKE, Inc., Procter Gamble, Salesforce, Starbucks, Steelcase, Voya Financial, and Walmart have joined RE100, pledging to source 100% of their electricity from renewable energy to reduce CO2Read MoreSustainable Energy: A Sustainable Life for Everyone Essay1192 Words   |  5 Pagessociety encourages us to change our lifestyles and become more environmentally friendly. There are numerous theories and facts about global warming and one of those is to increase the use of renewable energy sources. There is unprecedented interest in renewable energy, especially solar and wind energy. Renewable energy sources provide electricity without giving rise to carbon dioxide emission (World Nuclear Association). It is impossible to convert to these sources completely, however there are thingsRead MoreBrazil s Global Energy Development Essay1170 Words   |  5 PagesBrazil is Latin America’s largest renewable energy market notwithstanding flat economic growth as its commitment to renewable energy is strong and has facilitated continuous investment in this segment sighting that nearly 76 percent comes from renewable resources. (International Trade Administration Sector Snapshot) To date, wind and hydropower have been the source of Brazil’s renewable energy expansion. As it is projected tha t new solar energy development over the long term will provide an encouragingRead MorePotential For Renewable Energy Generation1515 Words   |  7 PagesPotential for Renewable Energy Generation: Edgecomb, ME is surrounded by many sparsely populated towns, this factor along with it’s location at the delta of both the Sheepscot and Damariscotta rivers leads to a high potential for utilizing renewable energy. Such conditions allow for potentially using many different kinds of renewable energy sources: tidal, hydro, biomass, solarvoltaic, wind, and geothermal. While all of these renewable energy sources have potential for use in Edgecomb, there’s aRead MoreSustainability And Construction Practices : Department Of Civil Engineering1256 Words   |  6 Pages 3 Scope of renewable energy 3 Types of renewable energy i. Solar power 3 ii. Wind power 5 iii. Biomass 6 iv. Geothermal energy 7 v. hydropower 8 Conclusion 8 References 9â€Æ' RENEWABLE ENERGY AND ELECTRICITY IN SUSTAINABILITY INTRODUCTION: It is the energy comes from natural resources like sun light, wind, rain water and geothermal heat. As we all know that coal, oil, gas are limited in nature they might run out some day renewable energy is the best wayRead MoreA Brief Note On Hydro Quebec And The Largest Electricity Company1630 Words   |  7 Pagesleading companies of hydropower in the world. Hydropower is one of sustainable energy resources and it plays a very important role to protect our environment.The company was founded in April 14, 1994. After more than seventy years’ development, about 99 percent of electricity that Hydro-Quebec generated is by Hydropower. Hydro-Quebec’s research institute (IREQ) which is in charge of technological innovation advantages Hydro-Quebec compare with other electricity company. Why Energy consumption is ImportantRead MoreRenewable Energy Resources In Thaille Essay1552 Words   |  7 Pagestargeting to utilize 0.6% of renewable energy consumption into the country’s final energy consumption by 2035. Yet, oil will still account for the largest share (46%), followed by gas (35%) and electricity (19%). Natural gas and oil will remain the dominant supply fuels for primary energy with small contributions from new renewable energy which is solar and biomass. Currently, the economy already has a 1.2 MW solar power plant and will continue to develop more solar capacity during the outlook periodRead MoreSolar Power : Advantages And Challenges Of Solar Energy1710 Words   |  7 PagesJordan Hunt Final Paper Solar Energy Solar energy is energy that is collected from the sun that is then turned into electricity. The most common medium for using solar power is the use of solar panels. Through the use of solar panels people can use that harnessed electricity to power their houses, household appliances, their cars, even their towns and cities. Before the use of solar power people were using other sources of energy such as wind, and hydroelectric energy. The use of wind is a niceRead MoreFossil Fuels Advantages And Disadvantages1399 Words   |  6 PagesThe world is constantly changing, power sources also come and go. But there has been one energy source that has dominated the world for a long time, fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are an energy source that includes coal, natural gas, and oil. Fossil fuels have been used for a long time because of their energy output. The downside is that is very harmful to the environment, so that is why we have renewable sources that are eco-friendly. Renewable energies still have not won the favor of the crowd becauseRead MoreSample Resume : Renewable A ,Äà ©1682 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"RENEWABLE A‎N‎D N‎O‎N-RENEWABLE RESO‎URC‎E‎S† D‎I‎GITA‎L A‎S‎SIGNMENT -1 S‎ub‎mitt‎ed f‎or t‎he co‎u‎rs‎e: En‎gin‎eeri‎ng Ch‎e‎mi‎stry (C‎H‎Y1002) B‎y Sri‎k‎a‎r K‎a‎livarapu 1‎6B‎IT0078 V‎IT UNIVERSIT‎Y, Vel‎lore N‎a‎me of facu‎l‎t‎y: M‎r‎s BA‎RN‎A‎LI MA‎I‎T‎I (S‎C‎H‎OOL O‎F A‎DVANC‎E‎D S‎CI‎ENCE‎S) A‎ug‎ust, 2016 1) Wh‎at i‎s Energy? 2) T‎y‎pe‎s of Energy Sources i) Non-Renewable Sources of Energy ii) Renewable Sources of Energy 3) Non-Renewable Sources of Energy i) Cr‎u‎d‎e o‎i‎l

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Wireless Industry Essay - 754 Words

Over the past decade the wireless telecommunications industry has undergone a multitude of changes and experienced rapid growth. Developments in technology and consumer demand have fueled this growth and research shows that this growth will continue in the years to come. This paper will analyze the basis for these trends in consumption patterns, to include the utility derived from the products, changes in demand, market prices and the elasticity of demand of wireless services. Utility is defined as the â€Å"satisfaction one get from consuming a good or service† (Colander, 2004, p.179). The utility derived from the use of wireless communications devices includes freedom from being tied to one place, the hope of increased productivity, and cost†¦show more content†¦This trend almost guarantees that demand for wireless products and services will continue to grow for many years across many sectors. Today, managers and business leaders may be apprehensive to adopt new wireless technologies over their current wire-bound infrastructures because of quality and security concerns. This new generation of workers has already entered the workplace and as they come into positions of more power and influence they are more likely to deploy wireless solutions, which they have already adopted and become comfortable with. Another growth factor of the wireless industry is the decrease in market prices and the price elasticity of demand for wireless products a nd services. Advances in technology and increased competition explain the decrease in market prices in the wireless industry over the past few years. Growth projections of the industry have created an incentive for more telecommunications carriers to enter the market, resulting in increased competition. This increased competition has made demand for wireless products and services elastic, meaning that the percentage change in quantity would be greater than any percentage change in price (Colander, 2004). This will cause wireless product and service providers to keep prices low and offer other non-monetary incentives to attract potential customers. ButShow MoreRelatedThe Impact Of Wireless Communication Industry On The Industry And Growth Of Wind Mobile, And Canada s Current Economic State2226 Words   |  9 Pagesgrowing in the wireless industry in Canada. The wireless industry in Canada presents a unique opportunity for investment due to the oligopolistic structure and market breakdown. Current ly, there are three major players in the industry and there is extensive room for growth and development as an industry and for Wind Mobile itself to gain significant market share. Some of the factors I will consider over the course of this analysis and recommendation include: the wireless communication industry in CanadaRead MoreWireless Communications, The Radio Industry1425 Words   |  6 PagesWith the recent surge in wireless communications, the radio industry has seen an increase in the number of different communication standards each requiring its own specific hardware and processing. Our project addresses the need for radio interoperability with these various standards through the development of hardware generators for a software defined radio (SDR) system. These hardware generators will be created using Chisel, a hardware construction language. When given a set of parameters or constraintsRead MoreCanadian Wireless Industry : An Exciting Potential Investment Opportunity167 8 Words   |  7 PagesCanadian wireless industry is an interesting potential investment opportunity worth further consideration due to the overall economic trend and remains heavily committed to improving the availability and performance of wireless communication services. The Canadian wireless market demonstrates a need to serve a massive geographic area. Consumers deserve a competitive vibrant market, and demand for better service packages and lower costs. The wireless mobile industry is still a growing industry, withRead MoreThe Technology Of Smart Medical Technologies1610 Words   |  7 Pagesdevelopments in the internet of things can be seen presently in smart medical technologies, smart home systems and transport system advancements; all of which are a result of robotic systems and sensors. The possibilities that arise from the integration of wireless connectivity between devices are extensive, however the danger associated with reliance on these products must assess how easily they can be hacked or used maliciously; as an organisation’s security and safety could rely on the IoT system The fieldRead MoreInternet Tools at Dirt Bikes It/2051145 Words   |  5 PagesUniversity of Phoenix IT/205 Introduction Management of a Dirt Bike company is worried about how much money is spent on communication with people within and on the outside of the company. They are obtaining information on how to provide the industry with global economy. I will provide the information on how to use internet tools and technology to improve the communication and gathering of information to be more efficient and to help save money. For the organization to be able to communicateRead MoreRole Of A Game Changer And Public Health Management1410 Words   |  6 Pageschallenges to be rectified for the better implementation of techniques in terms of consumer adaptation and welfare .One of the major issue to be addressed is interoperability and security. This could be possible with the collaboration of individuals, industry, and government. Index Terms: IoT, healthcare, medications, remote monitoring, e-health, sensors, mobile system, patient, challenges, security, technologies, applications. 1. INTRODUCTION Healthcare sector is a major considerate area worldwide.Read MoreWhat Is Pervasive Computing?1603 Words   |  7 Pagestechnology, portable devices, wireless communications and nomadic or ubiquitous computing systems. Other terms for pervasive computing are Ubiquitous Computing, Calm Technology, and Things That Think .It is about the ability to deliver any information to any device over any network. In short, it is about computers everywhere where computers are embedded into equipments, machines, furniture or people. The current technology has evolved into embedded, networked and wireless. Ubiquitous A synonym ofRead MoreComponents Of A Successful Business System1309 Words   |  6 Pageshumanity uses to connect. Consequently, cell phones and wireless gadgets have come to replace and dominate the realm of technology. One of such companies heading and leading towards that direction Verizon. Verizon is headquartered in New York and employs over 235,000 people who operate in Verizon wireless, wire line and Verizon business. Verizon s primary aim or objective is to transform communications by steering in a new age in wire line and wireless broadband connectivity. They are changing the livesRead Moreups diad service1105 Words   |  5 PagesThe delivery is made by ups data center. What role does wireless communication play in the UPS systems? List the different types of wireless connectivity and describe their function. Wireless communications is a type of data communication that is performed and delivered wirelessly. This is a broad term that incorporates all procedures and forms of connecting and communicating between two or more devices using a wireless signal through wireless communication technologies and devices. According toRead MoreMission and Vision Statement of Rim1628 Words   |  7 Pagescompetitive capabilities fit the industry’s critical success factors. 2. Vision Statement With the assistance of Appendix 1, come out with the new RIM Vision Statement, â€Å"Our vision is to be recognized as the world’s best telecommunication and wireless devices company, by infinite the possibility of the innovation and creation to produce our product and software devices; to ensure and enhance product quality as well as to satisfy our customers’ unlimited demand in future. Thus, we will provide

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The Legacy Of The Kennedy Hope - 947 Words

The Kennedy Hope 1961 was a year of renewal and hope for American and its allies through the election of 1960 and a new young vigorous president; John F. Kennedy. Young and full of energy President Kennedy gave America hope through courage, re-invention, and pioneered that path forward for America and its people. The election of President Kennedy to the highest office in the land of freedom and opportunity brought new hope, dedication, and power through superiority to America and the world. First, President Kennedy brought about new ideas and hope to the forefront of the American public and was part of his legacy that he left behind. President Kennedy helped build the America that we have today through building up our military that is the best in the world, and with a defense system and deterrent through the build-up of a nuclear arsenal that would deter America’s aggressors. â€Å"He announced plans to build thousands of nuclear missiles, known as Minutemen, capable of h itting targets on the other side of the world† (Carnes and Garraty 647). President Kennedy also, â€Å"Expanded the space program, vowing that an American would land on the moon within ten years† (Carnes and Garraty 647). He brought about hope through new policies that also gave people hope in a time a civil unrest in America and believe that without his Presidency we would not have the America that we have today. Secondly, President Kennedy was a dedicated president that truly wanted to make a differenceShow MoreRelatedJohn F. Kennedy 1158 Words   |  5 PagesAssassination, and Legacy of John F. Kennedy written by Dean R. Owen is a series of reflections of people who knew and admired John F. Kennedy. Most people in the book discuss where they were the day of his assassination, their reaction, and how it affected everything and everyone around them. Others speak about what kind of leader Kennedy was, the legacy he left behind, and how when he died the country was never the same. Owen writes about people who once worked for Kennedy as well as hisRead More The Political Legacy of President John F. Kennedy Essay examples1626 Words   |  7 PagesThe Political Legacy of President John F. Kennedy There is something about John F. Kennedy. Could it be his charisma and charm that still entrances America? Maybe it is his elevated status as a pop culture icon that bedazzles most American citizens. It might be the martyr status he attained through his tragic assassination that makes American culture revere him as a President. Whatever the reason is that defines John F. Kennedy as probably one of the most beloved Presidents in AmericanRead MoreJohn F. Kennedy Inauguration Speech861 Words   |  4 Pagesthe united states. The three pieces analyzed use different methods to portray what exactly went on on that cold January day, but managed to impact the readers and portray John F. Kennedy the same way. His inauguration speech uses different rhetorical terms and Ethos as a method of persuasion. The article Inside Kennedy ´s Inauguration by Eleanor Clit on the other hand, uses Pathos to give an emotional connection. Finally the photo, credited to the United States Army Signal corp s uses imagery to captureRead MoreKennedys Life, Leadership, and Legacy1657 Words   |  7 Pagesbe answered simply, nor matter of factly, for every answer would be a varying opinion. However, a collective voice of patriots would agree that John Fitzgerald Kennedy would give all others a run for their money. He was viewed not only as an inspirational leader, but also as an honest, loving man who quickly morphed into the only ray of hope that Americans had seen in quite some time. People trusted him to rejuvenate the country in a peaceful and courageous way -- standing up to intimidators, restoringRead MoreAnalysis Of John F. Kennedys Inauguration Speech716 Words   |  3 Pages John F. Kennedy once said, â€Å"the energy, the faith, the devotion which we bring to this endeavor will light our country and all who serve it-and the glow from that fire can truly light the world.†, impactfully affecting citizens around the world. Furthermore, these were some of the famous words c ontributing to the start of a new era. While comparing John F. Kennedy’s Address, Inside Kennedy’s Inauguration, 50 Years On, and the documented photo of Kennedy swearing in, a conclusion can be drawn thatRead MoreJfk Assassination Research Paper1102 Words   |  5 PagesRaven Wing April 3, 2013 JFK Assassination On November 29, 1963, our 35th President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. A young and vigorous leader who was a victim of the fourth Presidential assassination in the history of a country. This assassination was known as a world tragedy, and a great lost to our nation. Many conspiracies were formed while the investigation of his assassinationRead MoreLeadership And Legacy Of John F. Kennedy1388 Words   |  6 PagesJohn F. Kennedy His Leadership Legacy John F. Kennedy was born on May 29, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts and was known as (Jack). He was the son of Joseph P. Kennedy, an ambassador to Great Britain during Franklin D. Roosevelt administration. The Kennedy’s were one of the wealth family in American. He was one of the most important leader in America. When he graduated from Harvard University in 1940 he wrote a winning note with his publication of â€Å"Why England Slept†, it was an expansionRead MoreJohn F Kennedy s Inaugural Speech947 Words   |  4 PagesJohn F Kennedy’s inaugural speech is widely considered one of the best speeches ever given. By the time Kennedy was elected, he had earned a degree from Harvard University, spent time in the Navy during the Second World War, and was already enjoying a successful political career serving in both houses of Congress. Kennedy delivered his eloquent inaugural speech to thousands of people on the steps of the Capitol building and millions more watching the broadcast on television which was the first toRead Moreâ€Å"And So My Fellow Americans, Ask Not What Your Country1741 Words   |  7 Pagesremembered in today s time is because of John F. Kennedy, one of the most iconic presidents ever, in his presidency and his life, achieved many accomplishments. Early Life Throughout high school history classes, we have discussed many of the past presidents who have had major impacts on America and how they have shaped this country today: John F. Kennedy represents one of those influential presidents. Before his presidency, John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s legacy began back with his parents. His mother wasRead MoreJohn F. Kennedy: An Influential Person Essay1335 Words   |  6 PagesFitzgerald Kennedy led the start of a new era in human history. He was born on May 29, 1917 in the small Boston suburb of Brookline, Massachusetts. He majored in government and international relations at Harvard University. In 1961 Kennedy served as President until his assassination in 1963. John F. Kennedy influenced and touched the lives of people everywhere through his efforts with the Apollo 11 space mission, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the founding of the Peace Corps. Kennedy was influenced

Community Emergency Response Team ( Cert ) - 1580 Words

Introduction When a disaster has taken place, first responders who provide fire and medical services will not be equipped to meet the demands for many services. Several issues such as the number of victims, communication failures and road blockages will stop people from accessing emergency services they have come to expect at a moment s notice through 911 emergency services. Individuals will have to rely on others for help in order to meet their immediate lifesaving and life sustaining needs. If access is blocked or the agency’s capacity is exceeded, it may be hours or days before trained help arrives. There is a four-phase model that organizes the events of emergency managers. This model is known as the â€Å"life cycle† which includes dour†¦show more content†¦According to the text, disasters are more than common emergencies such as those of traffic accidents, personal injuries, or house fires general in communities (Disaster Recovery; 19). Other events can result in a di saster requiring this Disaster Recovery Plan to be activated: †¢ Fire †¢ Flash flood †¢ Pandemic †¢ Power Outage †¢ Theft †¢ Terrorist Attack Purpose The purpose for this Disaster Recovery Plan is to primarily maintain all of the information and material appropriate to the initiative’s ability to survive a disaster, and to document all the phases that the initiative will take if a disaster does occur. The first priority of the TC-MACT if a disaster does occur is to prevent the loss of lives. In order to move to the second step, we must guarantee all personnel and other members on the premises are safe and secure. Once we can guarantee the safety of individuals, the next objective of the TC-MACT will be to ratify the steps outlined in this DRP to bring all of the agencies, groups and departments back to business-as-usual as quickly as possible. Although CERT programs vary in some ways, they all share the potential to offer significant benefits to their sponsoring organizations, their communities and their citizens. As with any activity, there is risk. History The Community Emergency Response Team notion was established and implemented by the Los Angeles City Fire Department in 1985. The Whittier Narrows earthquakeShow MoreRelatedPersuasive Essay About Firefighters1229 Words   |  5 PagesThere are situations that impact your everyday life that’s when we call the â€Å"Firefighters†. Their lifestyle is risky, they serve the people. Firefighters truly deserve the respect and honor from the community, at the same time, this is a way of showing gratitude for their courage. The firefighter station that I visited was the fire department in San Fernando called â€Å" Station 98†, and their agency is Los Angeles Fire Department, it has been around since 1886. The history of fires goes back to theRead MoreEssay about emergency disaster1691 Words   |  7 Pagesmanagement and administrative side of disaster and recovery portions of emergency management. The Manager attended a seminar on a program called ‘Professional Volunteer Disaster Survey Team (PRO-V-DST)’ which had been developed in Texas in the mid-1990’s. She was quite enthusiastic about the program as it provides: A network of professional building inspectors, structural engineers, and architects to form damage survey teams that could be used by State and local governments in need of helpRead MoreThe Terrorist Attack On The World Trade Center1296 Words   |  6 Pagespast, present, future). Since the 9/11 attack, a little over a decade ago, our nation has witnessed the initiation and implementation of two national warning systems, which was launched in April of 2011. â€Å"We ve also seen the emergence of several emergency- and disaster-related citizen support groups, designed to serve law-enforcement agencies and first responders at all levels of government—city, county, state, and federal†(Homeland Security past, present ,future). Presendent Bush signed HomelandRead MoreThe Threat Of The Tropical Cyclone2740 Words   |  11 PagesIntroduction Throughout the nation, natural, technological, and man-made disasters jeopardizes communities as a whole. Many people rely on their local communities emergency preparedness plans, while they should be utilizing their knowledge, information provided for them, and using their capabilities to ready themselves and their families. The outcome that can come from any disastrous event mainly relies on how you respond to the specific threat, and the steps one takes to minimize the risks of suchRead MoreGreat Chicago Fire Of 19101690 Words   |  7 Pageswildfire in history (San Diego Fire Facts, 2016). This fire gained the name, â€Å"Witch Fire† (CAL FIRE, 2015). These fires highlighted that there were not enough fire fighters and resources to combat such fires. They highlighted areas that lacked emergency service protection and showed a lack of preparedness (San Diego Fire Facts, 2016). Years after the fires, some changes that came about include: wood shake shingles being banned on new construction and could not be used as roof replacements (MainarRead MoreDisaster Preparedness, La Porte Office Of Emergency Management2102 Words   |  9 PagesAbstract Houston and neighboring cities are no strangers to emergencies. There are two forms of disasters, that affect our world today, manmade and natural. Being located along the gulf coast makes us vulnerable to natural tragedies. Some of the natural hazards are floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes. On the other hand, we are not over looked by manmade disasters, like refinery explosions, fires and chemical spills. When emergencies happen, they send our daily lives spiraling into chaos. Learning fromRead MoreWGU-community health task 41400 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿ Community Health of Chesterfield County-Virginia Western Governors University Population/Economic Assessment Chesterfield County, Virginia has a population of about 328,000 as of January 1, 2014 with 752 people per square mile. There was a 3.6% increase in the population from April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2013. 65.4% of the population is white non-Hispanic, 21.6% are black non-Hispanic, 7.2% are Hispanic, 3.2% are Asian and 2.1% are two or more races. In 2012 there were 3657 birthsRead MoreThe Community Emergency Response ( Cert )1379 Words   |  6 Pageschallenge for communities because of limited available funds (pp. 104). However, communities have access to federal funding that will assist them in the expansion of mutual-assistance practices where communities share equipment that is rarely used. Also, there is the development of effective technologies and the significant reduction in cost has allowed the once â€Å"out of reach† equipment to be more available (pp. 104). It is paramount that community members and officials are equipped to conduct theRead MoreCrisis Action Plan Es say3372 Words   |  14 PagesEmergency Action / Continuity of Operations Plan For Fort Worth Police Department Activation Instructions The Fort Worth Police Department Crisis Response Plan should be activated by the Chief of Police or, in his absence, the acting Chief of Police, for any event determined to be disastrous to the citizens of and visitors to the City of Fort Worth, Texas. Table of Contents 1. Introduction 3 A. Purpose 3 B. Applicability 3 C. Policy 3 D. Objectives 4 E. AssumptionsRead MoreDisaster Disasters And Its Impact On A Population1421 Words   |  6 Pages‘preparedness’ sources (including Federal Emergency Management Agency, American Red Cross, Fire Department, seismic researchers and Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)) in the case study area of Seattle Tacoma, Washington State, USA. Digital searches were conducted for web and mobile applications that provide individual and community preparedness information, in single-hazard (earthquake or fire), multi-hazard (earthquake and home fire), and/or general emergency preparedness contexts. These organisations

Northside Developments Pty Ltd v Registrar-General-Free-Samples

Question: Write a report on Northside Developments Pty Ltd v Registrar-General. Answer: Case Introduction Northside Developments Pty Ltd. was established in 1965 with the exclusive function of holding certain land in North South Wales in Australia. The company had been regulated three directors i.e. Robert Ellis, John Lees, and Robert Sturgess. All the three directors had the power to hold or control all the stakes of the company. On 14th of November in 1979, Mr Horder, who was the accountant of the company, had also been holding the position of the secretary of the company, resigned the office. On the same day, Gerard Sturgess, who was the son of one of the directors, Robert Sturgess, signed the approval to act as secretary on the request of his father. A legal document for changing the secretary was signed by Robert Sturgess on 20th of November in 1979 and then it was submitted to the Corporate Affairs Commission 2 days afterward. Neither Lees nor Ellis be acquainted with or approved this 'appointment'. In addition, it was not also became a reason of dispute, because of which, the supp osed appointment of Gerard Sturgess as the secretary of Northside was invalid(Austlii, 1990). The case is related to the mortgage which was executed by the plaintiff company, under its common seal on 24th of December, 1979 to Barclays Credit Corporation Holdings Pty. Ltd. The mortgage paper were signed on 28th April, 1980 and the mortgagee i.e. Barclay Company sold the land to Mr. Harvey on 31st December 1980 through auction. It was argued by the plaintiff that the company had not executed any mortgage so would not have been binding on it. Furthermore, the company argued that it was deprived of its land due to indefeasibility provisions of the Real Property Act, according to which, there is no provision of remedies under Section 126 of the Real Property Act, if the deprivation has not occurred due to the fraud of the persons who had obtained the registration, i.e. Barclays and Mr. Harvey and the remedy can only be obtained under Section 127 against Registrar General(CCH Australia Limited, 2017). Duties or Responsibilities breached Northside Developments was integrated in order to hold the land. The alleged mortgage was made over the land by Northside Developments through its common seal to Barclays so as to secure the payment of principle and interest under the loan made to the Barclays to other companies owned and controlled by Robert Sturgess, who was a director of Northside Company. The Northside had no interest in any of these companies and as the mortgage was registered, Barclays sold the land through the process of auction to the third party, who became the registered proprietor afterwards. Northside sued Robert Sturgess for the damages under Section 127 of the Act through compensation for the loss of its estate and interest in the land on the basis that it did not have executed the mortgage documents(Victoria Supreme Court, 1998). As per Section 127 of the Act, the act permits a person who receives loss or damages as a result of registration of any person as proprietor of land, who is prevented by Act from bringing proceedings for possession or recovery, to take action against the Registrar General as nominal defendant for the recovery of damages(Bond University, 1990). However, the registered articles of Northside had the provision in Article 56 provided which, the Directors of the company should protect the seal and it should be used by the authority of the Directors or otherwise, in presence of at least one Director, who shall sign every document to which the seal is attached and is required to be counter-signed by the Secretary or one more Director or by any other person appointed with the approval of the Directors for this purpose(Victoria University of Wellington Law Faculty, 1993). Analysis of Court Decision The judgment of the court of appeal of New South Wales established that the mortgage could not be accomplished by the appellant and the type of the mortgage transaction was such as to require the lender to make investigations regarding the rights of Robert and Gerard Sturgess to arrive into the mortgage in the best interests of the company as well as to affix the common seal. In addition to it, Barclays had not made any enquiries(Tunstall Consulting, 2008). Thus, the court awarded the damages in favor of Northside, in the form of an order against the Registrar-General, in which it was stated that the Registrar-General will have to recompense the company for the cost of land. The Registrar-General appealed to the full Supreme Court on the basis of certain points that the plaintiff company was the cause of its own problems by lax administration. On the other hand, the company had itself provided the authority to Robert Sturgess because of which, it was possible for him to conduct the t ransaction. Moreover, if the plaintiff had succeeded Robert Sturgess, who must be considered to be guilty of wrongful exercise of lawful authority, would had benefitted him. There was estoppel against the plaintiff in relation to Barclays, from alleging that the mortgage had not been properly executed by asset of the indoor management rule of the company(Chapple Lipton, 2002). It was agreed upon by the Court of Appeal that concerning the conditions essential for a party to be put upon inquiry and particularly, in this case, considerations pointed out by the company in order to explain that Barclays had been put upon inquiry were that the company regulated by Robert Sturgess, was in need of a loan and offered the land as security, of which he was not the owner. Above it, the security was the sole significant asset of the Northside Company, so the basic inquiry would have to be disclosed by the credit provider. Moreover, the loan provided to the company of Robert Strugess, secured by the mortgage was not associated with the business of Northside. The operative recipient of the mortgage i.e. Robert Sturgess was also the director of the mortgagor company i.e. Northside, of which, his son was the Secretary, who joined him in the execution of the mortgage, should have put Barclays informed of the possible irregularity. The transaction in this case was of the lan d title transference, in which a huge formality and extreme investigation was required(Australia High Court, 2004). It is in general a rule that for the purpose of transactions that involve the title of land, extreme investigations are performed regarding zoning, land tax, along with the authority of the company. Barclays or their solicitors should have performed such investigations before entering into transaction process. It was stated by the court that 'forgery' exception cannot be applied to the case because the signature on the transaction documents were genuine and, even if unauthorized, claimed to be that of a person holding the office in conditions where the actions taken by him were perfectly legitimate and standard. In this case, the issue was simply whether the company was prevented from presenting that the document of guarantee was sealed and witnessed without the authority. The documents of mortgage were provided to the Barclays not for the purpose of business with Northside and neither for the benefit of that company, but to secure the debts of the companies of Robert Sturgess, which was sufficiently adequate to put Barclays on inquiry. In view of the fact that the third party i.e. Barclays had been put upon inquiry, the rule functioned in Turquand's case could not be applied to prevent Northside from presenting that the documents of mortgage were not their documents. It was therefore stated that the appeal should be allowed and the court should decide whether Barclays had been inquired should be considered on the basis of nature of the transaction(The University of California, 1991). After the analysis of the characteristic and possibility of the indoor management rule, the court stated that the rule cannot be applied, in which, there is a document sealed or signed in the best interests of the company is considered as a falsification(Morrison, 1996). In this case, it was nowhere found that Northside had deprived Robert Sturgess from having the authority to utilize its land in behalf of the company and the contract was finalized without the actual or clear authority of Northside, which is why, the utilization of the seal was considered to be as forgery(LawTeacher, 2017). It was stated to be needless to consider whether had there been superficial authority to bind the company, the applicability of the rule would have resulted in the form of a binding document. Relevance of the decision to the development of Australian corporations' law It was suggested that the rules of the company or the corporation should be specific in order to require satisfaction regarding the internal management procedures of the corporation that would involve usually unnecessary interference into its affairs and frequently, the exclusive presentation of evidences and proofs which, for the issues related to the corporation, would be entirely formal and will have no actual practical utility. That is why; the law does not usually require dealing with the company that the party so trading should be performed in a legitimate manner(Amazonaws.com, 2017). The contemporary English cases in the Court of Appeal which have been measured the Turquand rule as a use of organizational principles did not involve contracts where the company seal was attached to the document. The second thing is that there are few Australian decisions that deal with the company contracts under seal that have stated the rule in conditions that are self-governing of the organizational principles(Australian Institute of Banking and Finance, 1994). The provisions of the Companies Code of New South Wales, section 68A and section 68C exhibit that the legislatures of Australia do not admit the fact that the liability of a company for the unauthorized acts should be based solely upon the organizational principles. It was also mentioned that the "positive corporate seal rule" is not an application of the agency principles but an individual rule of the company law. It was also to be mentioned that, for the use of the indoor management rule, it is essential to concentrate upon the behavior of the company itself instead of giving emphasis to the behavior of the third party trading with the company i.e. Barclays in this case(Adelaide Law Review Association, 1990). It was found by the court that the other two directors were least interested in operating the company because that had been unsuccessful preventing Gerard Sturgess from acting as secretary of the company and permitted only one director to operate the company, the company should be prohibited from declaring that the majority of its directors were not concerned about the issues that have affected the company. In this case, the extent and clarification of the Indoor Management Rule was explained by the judgment given by the High Court of Australia. The relationship between the indoor management rule and the constitution of the company was established in a manner that the constitution of the company restricts the authorities of the persons executing the binding instruments or involving in the transactions on behalf of the company. The question of law whether the power could have been under the constitution was answered by the indoor management rule. This rule covers all the associations between the structure of the company as well as the particular act or omission performed by the officer or manager of the company in the process of transaction. It was considered by the Chief Justice that the rule in Turquand's case should be regarded as an exceptional rule of company law, only in the cases, where the utilization of company seal has been involved. It provided an altered approach of the High Court towards cases related to indoor management. As per the Explanatory Memorandum associated with the Bill, which introduced Section 68A within the Companies Code, the purpose of various paragraphs of Section 68A(3) was to reaffirm the rule as well as the qualifications to the rule in Turquand's case. However, the extent to which Section 68A codifies the indoor management rule has not been mentioned which was not answered in this case as well(De Jonge, 1990). The Code provisions might prove to be extensive in scope in comparison to the common law rule, in this manner downgrading the decision for the Northside for secondary effectiveness for third parties plaintiffs in search of depending upon the indoor management principles(New South W ales Law Reform Commission, 1993). References Adelaide Law Review Association, 1990. An Annual Survey of Australian Law. Law Book Company. Amazonaws.com, 2017. 7. Contracts with Outsiders. [Online] Available at: https://studentvip-notes.s3.amazonaws.com/1930-sample.pdf [Accessed 7 October 2017]. Austlii, 1990. CASE NOTES. [Online] Available at: https://www.austlii.edu.au/au/journals/MelbULawRw/1990/25.pdf [Accessed 7 October 2017]. Australia High Court, 2004. Australian Law Journal and Law Reports. Law Book Company of Australia. Australian Institute of Banking and Finance, 1994. The Australian Banker: Journal of the Australian Institute of Bankers. The Institute. Bond University, 1990. Bond Law Review. Bond Law Review Editorial Committee. CCH Australia Limited, 2017. 1990 CASES. [Online] Available at: https://www.iknow.cch.com.au/document/atagUio384868sl10516585/northside-developments-pty-ltd-v-registrar-general-ors-high-court-of-australia-28-june-1990 [Accessed 7 October 2017]. Chapple, L. Lipton, P., 2002. Corporate Authority and Dealings with Corporate Officers and Agents. CCH Australia Limited. De Jonge, A., 1990. Northside Developments Pty Ltd v Registrar-General of New South Wales. Melbourne University Law Review, 17(4), pp.748-58. LawTeacher, 2017. Role Of Agent. [Online] Available at: https://www.lawteacher.net/free-law-essays/business-law/role-of-agent.php [Accessed 7 October 2017]. Morrison, D., 1996. The Continued Role of the Common Law Indoor Management Rule Due Inquiry Exception. [Online] Available at: https://espace.library.uq.edu.au/data/UQ_356124/UQ356124_OA.pdf?Expires=1507440694Signature=MpuM4JKI0ibA8V~m6J~LUO-4nXxnJow94zE~HcLRH~Y~GIza41~uTZPLuhLh9mXGUugCpl8SWbcGIkAZlHPj-MqGJOSL5mj8dqWVwETO~4E7adlnqIGOLP0hrnr5tMe8Z2kB-3EtsXYqTjOEN9R3a9KFhkuLNhUBLb [Accessed 7 October 2017]. New South Wales Law Reform Commission, 1993. Report. The Commission. The University of California, 1991. New South Wales law reports. University of California. Tunstall Consulting, 2008. Corporate Responsibility: The duties and liabilities of the corporation. Victoria Supreme Court, 1998. Victorian Reports. Council of Law Reporting in Victoria. Victoria University of Wellington Law Faculty, 1993. Victoria University of Wellington Law Review. The Faculty

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Chang Dental Clinic free essay sample

Chang Dental Clinic Case Analysis Chris Miller has been given an opportunity to take over an established dental clinic. The benefits of taking over this clinic is that he already has loyal customers and that there is only three clinics in the city. Miller has some major decisions that he needs to think about before he takes over this practice. He needs to decide how he will finance this purchase and how will he get the bank to give him a loan? Before we can even decide if he should go ahead with the purchase, we need to analyze three different scenarios of what can happen to the practice.We also need to make sure that Miller would be able to repay the loans as we are analyzing the different scenarios. Scenario 1 Scenario 1 is according to Miller’s assumption. He believes that he would reduce the associate fee to 15% and that the sales growth would equal to half the increase in sales from fiscal year 2004 and 2005. We will write a custom essay sample on Chang Dental Clinic or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page With this in mind, I set g to equal 17. 5% which is considered â€Å"high† because inflation is 3%, so g has to be greater than 0. 08 + inflation. After that I decided to make the inflation 0. 16 because of the rule of thumb that we discussed in the infamous notes.According to the case, Miller would make the visit to the dentist more pleasurable and stress-less. The only way this scenario can happen is if new competition come in or he does a bad job in fixing teeth. Just to show the â€Å"worst case scenario,† I set growth rate at 0% and the rest of the years decline 5%. We would hope that after declining of sales, Miller would liquidate the firm in 2009. As we can see, change in working capital is increasing as sales are decreasing, which means he can’t pay off the debits. If we look at the cash flow forecast, if Miller decides to liquidate the firm in 2009, then the book value of the fixed assets would be 14,836 and the salvage value would be 10,385. This scenario is unlikely to occur because there is no way that Miller can fail that badly that sales just drop dramatically. Recommendation After analyzing all the scenarios, I believe that scenario 2 is the most likely scenario to happen. Miller should purchase the practice but make sure to keep expenses low.Miller needs to figure out what expenses they don’t need to pay so much money for but should not compromise with quality of care. Miller needs to understand as the practice grows and more patients come in, he would need associates to help him with the overload of patients. He should focus on keeping the customers happy and stress-free when they are at his clinic. There is going to be risk involved in buying this practice, but in long run it will make him a lot of money. The cash flow looks very strong and promising for a successful business.